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Welcome to Eman Traders

We M/S Eman Traders deals in electro medical equipment in Government and Private Sector since 2011. We have experience of after sale and service support to world known brands.

  1. Ventilator            Servo’s                             Maquet                   (Sweden)
  2. Ventilator           Galileo                              Hamilton               (Switzerland)
  3. Ventilator           Puritan Bennett                PB840                    (USA)
  4. Anaesthesia        Penlon                              AV900                    (UK)
  5. Anaesthesia        Blease                               6500                        (UK)

We have dedicated and professional team handles government Contracts and Tender business for Respiratory Equipments in Pakistan.Our company Head Office is located in Lahore Pakistan. Eman Traders has its Branch offices in Karachi and KPK Pakistan.

The Way to Play Sony PlayStation 2 Games on PC

PlayStations are adored by everybody. They are a part of our childhood and we are confident you’ve spent countless hours playing with your favorite titles on one of these. PlayStation was perhaps stronger than the titles at that time, which was leveraged on to the programmers to make additional power-hungry and challenging matches that had substantially greater gameplay and graphics.

The console was Sony’s second venture into games, and they appeared to have got it right at that time, giving that playing games on the console seemed so futuristic. The PS2 revolutionized the console industry with its futuristic technology and first-class experience.

PlayStation 2’s matches were loaded on from a disk. You might also buy the games on the internet and then load it into the PS2. The internet method utilized PS2 ISOs. An ISO file or picture is essentially a digital version of any kind of disk whether it’s CD, DVD or maybe a Blu Ray. They are frequently employed for backing up optical disks.

An ISO is essentially a disk image file that contains a PS2 game. Usually, the size of the ordinary PS2 ISO file is approximately 1.5 GB.

Some games may be somewhat slow or laggy, but not really slow enough to destroy gameplay. CSOs come highly recommended for anyone with memory sticks which come with a small memory size like 1GB, or even anybody with the intent to match in more matches on his memory stick as the average size for a CSO is about 600 MB or less.

PS2 ISOs can be downloaded from several torrent sites. All you need to do is hunt for PS2 and the title of the game you want. You’ll have to download a bit torrent client like uTorrent to start the torrent file. Downloads can take some time based upon the amount of seeds along with your bandwidth.

How to Perform PS2 Games on your PC

You can relive all of the relaxing moments by playing PS2 games again on your PC.

Emulators function to emulate old gaming consoles, enabling users can play games out of these games directly onto their PCs with no actual console itself. Emulators read the game’s disk image using elements of your computer for both display and storage. Compared to conventional gaming consoles, emulators are way more beneficial. Users may even tweak a few settings to enhance the quality of the gameplay.

It’s worthy to note that the PS2 emulators require a CD ROM to operate. The CD ROM transforms the game’s memory into a readable ISO file, which is then used as a replacement of the original game files. All these ISO documents, through emulators, enable users to play the games without problems on their devices.

Emulators also require BIOS files to operate smoothly.

Another thing which matters is that the emulator’s quality, which is dependent on several factors, for instance, stability. As previously mentioned, emulators vary from 1 device to the other, though their primary function is still the same. Some may work nicely with ROM, while others aren’t so harmonious.

Minimum Prerequisites

The PCX2 Emulator needs some minimum hardware requirements to ensure all the PS2 titles run easily on your computer. Here are they

1. You need to begin by downloading the up-to-date version of the PCSX2 to your computer. Note that the information is that the Sony copyright that is why we recommend you take it out of your own PlayStation console. In the event that you do not have it, you can download and find pre-tested BIOS files online.
2. Install the PCSX2 on your computer by visiting the official site and downloading the appropriate file. It is simple to perform. After downloading, open the installation file and move with the displayed on-screen instructions.
3. Now, you have to configure your PCSX2 to run smoothly the PS2 ISO of any preferred title. Alternatively, it’s possible to use the saved ISO file of your PS2 titles directly from your computer’s hard drive.
4. You have successfully completed all steps to enjoy your favorite PS2 ISO in your own PC.

As you can see, the process of setup, in addition to the configuration of the PCSX2, is not long or complicated. It is time to review some notable games on it.


PCSX2 might be the finest PlayStation 2 emulator you can find. The procedure for configuring and running is very simple, and it will get you started within seconds. To get a positive experience playing with your favourite games, make sure your PC has the minimum system requirements. It will guarantee all of the titles run in your PC very easily.

The PCSX2 emulator is one of the most popular and oldest emulators so far which works for the PS2. Having been analyzed for its absolute stability amounts, it will also allow for control and graphic setting functionality. This is exactly why it will come highly suggested for anyone.

Have fun enjoying all of the PlayStation 2 titles. Additionally, let us know the games that you grew up playing on your PlayStation from the comments below under.

Our guide to choosing the best web hosting company for your business

Your business's reputation rests on the functionality, availability, and performance of your website. If you pick the incorrect
web hosting service, customer experience will suffer, and you'll see your potential buyers visit your competitors in droves.

But finding the proper web hosting service is far from simple. Each company is unique and has its own set of requirements. Should
you go for shared hosting, a virtual private server (VPS), or dedicated web hosting? Could you use a free web host? Will using a
website builder speed up the development of your website or ultimately act as a hindrance? Which features will be the most
important to your organization as it continues to grow? 

The answers to those questions depend on your business. To assist you find the perfect web host for your needs, we put together
this buyer's guide, together with a list of the top 10 best web hosting services which we tested


The very best site hosting is secure and fast and contains excellent after-sales support. Hosting providers generally charge based
on the total amount of bandwidth and storage you use. The easiest way to create a mistake here is to underestimate how much
traffic your website will get when customer interest spikes. Think about just how much traffic you expect to have peak times, and
choose a hosting plan that will cover it. 

Another important consideration is how scalable the website hosting is. First, your website hosting needs to be able to take care
of short-term changes in requirements, like when your site experiences a huge rush of visitors over a busy period. Second, the
website hosting should be able to scale up as your business develops. For every website hosting service that you are considering,
explore how easy it's going to be to get more disk space, CPU power, and bandwidth in the long run.

Be honest with yourself about how much assistance you are going to need. Cheaper website hosts cut costs by providing unmanaged
providers, but this indicates you or your staff must administer the server yourself. Managed services make sure that your system
is properly configured, your safety is tight, and the performance of your site is excellent. Many companies find that the greater
cost of managed services is outweighed by the time that they save by not performing administration and maintenance themselves.


HostGator has been supplying web hosting for 17 years out of its head office in Houston, Texas. It provides shared web hosting,
WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and its own website builder.

Its shared web hosting plans begin at $2.75/month for unlimited storage and bandwidth. Even in the lowest cost, you receive
support for MySQL, cPanel, WordPress, and e-commerce. WordPress hosting, promoted as 2.5 times faster than regular shared hosting,
starts at $5.95/month. The least expensive VPS hosting is $19.95/month (a two-core CPU using two GB RAM, 120 GB disk space, and
1.5 TB of bandwidth), and also the cheapest dedicated server begins at $89.98/month to get a four-core system.

HostGator's first line of service is its thorough web knowledgebase, with hundreds of articles on every facet of web hosting. Many
of these enter remarkable detail. In case you still have troubles, you can get support 24/7/365 through live chat and phone. In
our testing, the support team was fast, courteous, and knowledgeable.

In performance testing, we discovered HostGator to be consistent. Response times were ordinary but fast enough that your customers
will never complain. When we accessed our site from multiple locations around the Earth, the functionality was always good.

HostGator's main draw is its inexpensive shared hosting plans which are packaged with features. High-end and dedicated server
programs lack configurability, but the best support group and generous 45-day money-back guarantee create the service simple to
recommend for almost any business enterprise.

BluehostBluehost is one of the world's biggest web hosts, with over two million domain names. Servers are in Utah, and the company
employs over 750 people there. 

Shared hosting with Bluehost starts at $3.95/month (for a 24-month plan) using 50 GB of SSD storage along with unmetered
bandwidth. Sites are hosted on high-performance servers. VPS hosting starts at $18.99/month to get a two-core, 30 GB SSD, two GB
RAM installation with one TB of bandwidth. 

The plans are all well specced, so while the headline rates don't look fantastic, you receive value for the money. WordPress
programs include a staging environment, which means that you can try out changes before putting them live, and e-commerce plans
comprise ad credits for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

Bluehost had consistent speed contributes to our testing, with excellent rates constantly without spikes and dips. We also
experienced 100% uptime, and also the live chat support agents were quick to reply to our many questions.

It may not be the most configurable web hosting service on the market, but Bluehost impresses with its speed, easy-to-use
management panel, and feature-packed plans. With no substantial downsides, Bluehost is a web hosting provider that will suit just
about any company.

HostingerHostinger is located in Lithuania but has offices around the world. It's grown to have more than 29 million customers due
to the rapid rates, value pricing, and broad range of web hosting services.

Its shared hosting starts at just $0.99/month, however, this just comprises a paltry 10 GB of bandwidth and service for a single
website. Upgrading to the 2.89/month Premium shared hosting plan opens up unlimited bandwidth and websites, and a Business shared
hosting plan at $3.99/month provides features like daily copies and more allocated host resources. Be advised, though: after your
first term, costs almost double.

Hostinger also offers other programs, such as VPS hosting (from $3.95/month), cloud hosting (from $7.45/month), and Windows
hosting (from $26/month).

We advocate Hostinger because of its exceptional functionality, large service knowledgebase, and easy-to-use Auto Installer for
one-click installation of web apps. The less costly programs have significant constraints, but if you spend money on a Business
hosting plan, you get more for the money.

InMotion Hosting offers everything from shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting for dedicated servers and custom-built
servers. Shared hosting starts at $5.99per month, WordPress hosting at $6.99per month, VPS servers at $29.99/month, and dedicated
servers at $139/month. These prices are a little on the high side, however, the specifications and features you get with every
plan are also significantly better than many web hosting providers.

InMotion Hosting includes all of the typical one-click installers and administration panels, and in our testing, it was simple to
get a WordPress site up and running quickly. Performance and speed were good, and we were especially impressed by the 24/7/365
support from agents who were knowledgeable and courteous and really worked hard to fix any issue we'd.

We recommend InMotion Hosting in case you don't mind paying a little more to get a hosting company that gives you great hardware,
applications, and after-sales service.



GoDaddy is one of the largest web hosting providers in the world, with more than 20 million customers and 7,000 employees
worldwide. Its most basic hosting plan starts at $5.99/month when billed a year and contains support for one website, 100 GB
storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain. The $7.99 Deluxe program adds infinite storage, the $12.99 Ultimate plan doubles
the processing power, and the $19.99 Maximum plan adds an SSL certification for the full term of your hosting plan.

Apart from these standard hosting programs, GoDaddy also offers Windows hosting, WordPress hosting, marketing services, and email
servers. It is a hosting provider that you can count on to scale with your business.

We recommend GoDaddy's higher-tier plans only, as the basic plans are somewhat underpowered and overpriced for their cost. But if
you require a hosting company that could adapt to a changing business needs later on, few beat GoDaddy.


Wix is a hosting company that leans heavily on offering users a means to create excellent websites fast, easily, and without
having to touch a line of code. While hundreds of website builders assert that dream, we feel that Wix comes the closest to
understanding it.

You can try out Wix at no cost, but the free plan is limited to 500 MB of storage and 500 MB of traffic each month. The lowest
priced paid plan is $4.50/month and lets you use your domain , but it's limited to one GB of bandwidth and shows Wix ads. The
Combo plan ($13/month) includes 3 GB of storage, 2 GB of bandwidth, a free domain for a single year, and removes Wix ads. Most
small businesses will require the $17/month Infinite plan that has 10 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth, or the VIP program
($39/month) which includes 20 GB of storage and VIP support. E-commerce plans range from $23-$49/month.

Undoubtedly, the strength of Wix is in its site editor. You may use an Artificial Design Intelligent (ADI) system to construct a
site by simply telling it the kind of site that you need. If you want to create more precise alterations, you can switch to the
full Wix editor, which can be packed with features but is relatively easy to use due to its intuitive design.

If you want to build your site yourself using a drag-and-drop port, then we can't think of a better platform to perform it with
than Wix.


With over 40 million clients, Weebly has revealed itself to be among the greatest website builders available now. With its
reactive templates, integrated site search, and drag-and-drop editing, Weebly is a top blogging platform and has support for
handling comments and scheduling future content. The App Center has over 200 widgets, so you can quickly take your site by a
bare-bones template to a fully-fledged e-commerce website.

It's possible to start using Weebly free of charge, but you are restricted to 500 MB of storage and your site will have Weebly
branding. Upgrade to the 6/month strategy to connect your own domainname, or choose the Guru plan ($12/month) to get a free
domain, unlimited storage, and support for website search. Since the Pro plan is the initial plan which eliminates Weebly ads,
it's the lowest degree plan that you need to choose. Last, you have the choice of a company plan ($26/month) that includes
complete e-commerce support.

Weebly has good website-building software, but we favor Wix's interface, especially for sites that focus on blogging. However,
Weebly is a cheaper option for smaller websites, and also the e-commerce support is versatile and has reduced transaction fees.


The cloud-hosted Economy program (#3.99/month, plus VAT if you pay annually) includes a free domain name, 100 GB of storage, and
infinite bandwidth. It supports one hosted website and 100 premium mailboxes. Jump to the Deluxe program (#5.99/month, plus VAT if
you pay annually) for unlimited storage and support for five hosted sites. The Ultimate plan (#8.99/month, plus VAT if you pay
yearly ) increases the RAM from 512 MB to 1 GB and includes SSL support. The utmost program (#14.99/month, plus VAT if you pay
annually) doubles the RAM again to 2 GB and supports around 200 hosted sites.

TsoHost also has fully managed VPS from #36.66/month (plus VAT if you pay yearly ), and fully managed dedicated servers from
#228.24/month (plus VAT if you pay annually). You may choose either Windows or Linux servers, with barely any difference in
pricing between them.

It has support for cPanel, our preferred website management panel, and Softaculous, an excellent one-click auto-installer for
hundreds of popular web programs, including WordPress, Joomla, and MediaWiki.

We discovered tsoHost to be quicker than many providers, with great after-sales support. Pricing is good for what you get, and
it's easy to migrate between plans. We rate tsoHost as the top internet hosting service in the UK in 2020.

The GrowBig account ($9.99/month initially, rising to $24.99/month) doubles the disk space, supports a WordPress staging
environment, also includes a SuperCacher scheme for enhanced performance. The GoGeek program ($14.99/month, rising to
$39.99/month) has priority service and one-click Git Repo installation. 

Unlike a number of other web hosting providers, you don't get a free domain name. The popular cPanel management software isn't
offered either, instead being replaced by SiteGround's own Site Tools applications.

SiteGround has a variety of more specialized servers that are worth looking into. But if you will need the performance of a
dedicated server or cloud hosting, you may as well get a system that will not disappoint you down the street. SiteGround's
high-end goods are worth their price tag, with even the cheapest cloud hosting plan beginning with three CPU cores, 40 GB of
storage, 5 TB of bandwidth, and 4 GB of RAM.

In our evaluations, SiteGround performed nicely, along with the 24/7 support was fairly quick at answering our queries.
All-in-all, SiteGround is a solid competitor to our top web hosting service selections.


Hostwinds offers a 99.9999% uptime guarantee, an impressive claim. Its assortment of services includes shared hosting, VPS
hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller accounts.

Shared hosting starts at $3.29/month for a single domain, however, the cost rises to $8.99 upon renewal. Company hosting is
regarded as five times quicker and begins at $5.64per month. For Linux, unmanaged VPSs begin at $4.49/month and handled VPSs at
$5.17/month. But finding complete details on included features and pricing is catchy, which makes us desire that Hostwinds may be
more transparent regarding the true cost of all plans. This can be compounded with a complicated refund policy with short refund

However, Hostwinds's performance and bandwidth guarantees are good, and its pricing is very competitive at the higher end. So, if
you're looking for VPS hosting or dedicated servers that can perform well, contemplate Hostwinds.

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